Grocery Shopping, NYC

From Farm to Table with the Click of the Mouse


Growing up, if you needed groceries you went to the store and got them. The only people I ever heard of getting their groceries delivered for them were elderly people. Anyone else who sat on their computer and ordered groceries was just completely lazy. . . then I moved to New York City.

While on our search for a place to live this summer I tried taking all the little outside things into consideration. I wanted to know what kind of stores surrounded me so I knew how far I would have to travel for certain things – such as the closest grocery store. Imagine my delight when I discovered that we were not only close to a Whole Foods (and by close I mean three buildings down from us), but we also had a huge Food Emporium about three blocks away and a D’Agostino about the same distance in the opposite direction (because I definitely can’t buy all of our food at Whole Foods if I want money still in my bank at the end of the month!). I had this perfect little image in my mind of me taking my little grocery bags to the stores, getting what I needed for a couple days, then walking home (haha yes naive, I know).

While making this perfect little picture in my head while roaming the streets of our neighborhood I would see this truck that said ‘Fresh Direct‘ on the side. I was quite in awe when I learned that this company delivered people’s groceries to their front door. I mean, I know this is a big city, but with that comes some kind of little grocery store at every corner! My husband suggested  we try it out for our first load and I had to agree with him. I could just picture my first grocery run, asking the store if I could just keep returning for bags as I shuffled my way between our apartment and the store (what a non New Yorker thing to do). But I knew I would only do it that once. I didn’t need a website to get my food from!

FD Delivery

While I have only ordered from the website twice, I’ll admit that I’m completely converted. I probably spent a good hour and a half my first time ordering just looking at all the options I had. Then there was the local options. I could pick areas and farms, read about them and their methods – I knew exactly where my food could be coming from! I finally got my first order in and delivered and it still made me chuckle seeing them at my door. Thanksgiving came around and I knew there was only one place I was going to go for the essentials – Fresh Direct!

While I still enjoy going to the grocery store, Fresh Direct is definitely bookmarked and will be used frequently. And with so many local options (and yes, I know grocery stores are great at local as well), it’s helping make this big city a little bit smaller – just what this Mountain Girl needs!


One thought on “From Farm to Table with the Click of the Mouse

  1. ja says:

    Wow, that is really something! There’s always an entrepreneur looking for ways to
    fill a need, hmmmmm. Thanks, you paint a great pic. “city girl”. xo ja

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